LMOIS* File 11122008

2008, Fill Me Up Again, LMOIS File

Wednesday, November 12, 2008
6:53 P.M. 
Brooklyn-bound F Train

My birthday is in less than a month! Holy crap. When did I become 24?! 

I’ve started to think about moving… — West, maybe. Away from NYC. 

But I will go there as an adult. 

First here, I will build a career. And create a style. 

And once all that is done. When I’ve been made old quickly by the City, I will leave this crazy, resentfully-fascinating, exhausting, and exciting place. 

I will take the career I have built and turn it into a resume, that will turn into a ticket, that will fly me away to my final escape. 

Originally from the east coast, Cha Cha lives in southern California with her fiance (he’s a plumber) and their bob-tailed cat, Copper Soup.

As a woman, Cha Cha spends her time writing, reading (though not as much as she wishes she did), watching Project Runway (way more than she wished she did—especially since the show ended in 2019), trying to exercise for at least 20 minutes a day (otherwise, she won’t leave the house because she works from home), learning how to manage her money, and talking to herself out loud.

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