Aching to Pupate

2009, Aching to Pupate

Aching to Pupate

by Regina Spektor

I should peddle butterflies
There’s a shortage in the city
I’ll stand on a street corner
All mysterious and giddy

When the passersby pass by
I will open up my trench coat
They will see the butterflies
Dangling like fake Rolex’s

Every morning I wake up
With a purpose and a smirk
I’ll put on a fake mustache
I’ll drink Heineken, eat cornflakes

Then I’ll call my mom and dad
Tell them that I’m doing fine

Or I’ll write a tipsy letter
To a real good friend of mine

Or I’ll jump up on the bed
Waltzing madly with the broomstick
But before I leave the house
I will fill my lips with lipstick

But peddling is a dirty sport
There’s competition in the city
Everyone is on a street corner
All mysterious and giddy

Some are selling bags and shoes
Some are selling books and gold
I’ve been standing here for days
Not one butterfly’s been sold

And how I’m

Aching to pupate

Aching to pupate


Regina Spektor

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