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Nov 11, 2021 | Blog Beat

According to People Magazine, HBO is releasing a spin-off of Sex and the City? I’m not sure if the return is a full-length feature or episodic, but these gals just won’t quit.

They say that Sarah Jessica Parker is very upset because allegedly, people think that she looks old. Let’s just say, Good thing Carrie Bradshaw quit smoking when she did. Am I right?

And Just Like That — that’s the name of the show. It’s one of Carrie’s little tag lines. You know, from her column. My personal favorite Carrie trope is I couldn’t help but wonder… — just typing it now makes me want a cigarette. I don’t smoke. But if I did, I would type I couldn’t help but wonder… on my MacBook then pause to light a cigarette and exhale, the cursor blinking on screen.

I couldn’t help but wonder… |

I’ll probably watch the show. Not right away. But eventually. The same way I watched the movies eventually. I’m not proud of it. But I’m also not surprised. I watch the original series sometimes still. It’s familiar, sexy, and fun.

It is also pretentious and absurd.

Carrie Bradshaw was my age twenty years ago, in season three of Sex and the City.


That’s how old I am. — At least for another month.

Season three starts with Carrie dating that politician.—You remember, she met him while she was judging something at a dive bar on Long Island. Dianna Ross’s Hot Stuff sets the scene. A few episodes later, the two are in bed. She asks, What turns you on? He says, I want you to pee on me in the shower.

After telling the girls all about it, Carrie decides that she’s just not that kind of girl and the politician breaks up with her for it. It doesn’t look good to voters, you know, his dating a sex columnist? To wit’s end, Carrie exposed him in her next column, To Pee or Not to Pee.

Within a few episodes, she meets Aden. That poor bastard.

Carrie Bradshaw is back, and I’m not sure I care. Still twenty years older than me, she’s fifty-six now, and presumably married with a lot of shoes.

And Just Like That — I’ll probably watch it eventually. Just like I watched the FRIENDS reunion. Because it’s there to watch. I don’t need it. I did not ask for it. Those stories were over. Fin. I had accepted that and moved on. Continuing to go back, is like chasing the dragon of the HBO high. Come on, HBO, Is Charlotte York the peak of your power?

It’s annoying that no one thinks of original ideas anymore.

Like, Hello to HBO! Instead of paying SJP and co. a pretentious and absurd amount of money to do an unnecessary reboot of a beat-to-death franchise, why don’t you create a new show, with new characters, and new actors, and new stories…

Hey! I get it. It’s a numbers game.

HBO could take a chance on a new show. Find a young, starlet ready for a breakout role. She is thirty-six and taking charge of her life. The show has intrigue, passion, fashion, and wit, just like Sex and the City except it distinctly isn’t. This show could be awesome and make a lot of money.

But it could also just be so/so.

So instead of taking a risk, HBO makes its shore bet. SATC brings in the numbers.

I couldn’t help but wonder… |

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